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Screen Shot 2564-01-06 at 15.49.27.png

Buttons up to 45

Forms to fill in various, height 50, length 405, thick edge 3

Topic Height 90

Space between menu and page title (first top space) space size 80

The space between the last object and the footter. (Last space) gap size 80

Space between topic and paragraph, size 45.

Space between paragraphs and images / images and paragraphs, size 55.

Space between image and title, space size 65

Dark Blue (Text color, Background button, Menu floor) RGB 37 92 159 (In the VIXX palette # 005CA4)

Dark Gray (Footter font color) RGB 145 145 145 (in Vixx palette # 919191)

Blue (text color, stroke color) RGB 105 146 183 (in the VIXX palette # 5D92BB)

Screen Shot 2564-01-06 at 15.56.27.png
Screen Shot 2564-01-06 at 16.00.31.png
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